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Static Website

A static site contains Web pages with settled substance. Each page is coded in HTML and showcases a similar data to each guest. Static destinations are the most fundamental kind of site and are the least demanding to make. Not at all like dynamic sites, They don't require any Web programming or database plan. A static website can be worked by just making a couple of HTML pages and distributing them to a Web server.

When static Web pages contain settled code, the substance of each page does not change unless it is physically refreshed by the website admin. This functions admirably for little sites, yet it can make expansive locales with hundreds or thousands of pages hard to keep up. Along these lines, bigger sites normally utilize dynamic pages, which can be refreshed by just altering a database record. Static sites that contain a lot of pages are often designed using Capital Technology Themes/Templates. This makes it conceivable to refresh a few pages immediately and furthermore gives a predictable design all through the site.

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Dynamic Website

An individual website site page can be static or dynamic. When a static site contains data that does not change. It continues as before, or static, for each viewer of the site. So A dynamic site contains data that progressions and changes, depending on the viewer, the time of the day, the visiter's local dialect, and different variables. For example, the Computer Hope primary page is a dynamic site that automatically changes every day.

A dynamic site can contain customer side scripting or server-side scripting to create the evolving content or a blend of both scripting types. These sites also include HTML programming for the basic structure. The customer side or server-side scripting deal with the guts of the site through Content Management System (CMS) or Wordpress, Joomla (Dashboard) etc.

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E-commerce Website

Capital Technology Provide "a total stamped" Online E-Commerce Store. You Just Simply incorporate your Products and Start Selling Online and Make 100% Profit without any other person's information. At backend Admin Panel you can Add Categories, Product Details, Images, Options, Descriptions, Photos, Pieces of information and even you can arrange Multiple Payments and Shipping Options furthermore you get complete Sales Reports, Order Management, Customer Management and Fully Inbuilt Search Engine Optimized and Social Media Optimized Website.

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Android App Development

Android is becoming more and more best popular operating systems of the smart phone devices. Really, it's also turning out to be a boon for the businesses. Now a day’s android application, the enterprises have the opportunity to take their business to next level. Therefore it's time for you to hire our expert developers to your own smart android app development solutions.

As a Mobile App Development, we focus on the budget, goals, and success of the businesses. Capital Technology is one stop destination for all your requirements. Our dedicated team of designers, developers use the best tools in order to ensure the best deliverables for every project.

iOS Application Development

With the approach of iOS mechanical progressions, we fabricate exquisite and connecting with iPhone applications that won't just make your business lucrative yet in addition execution situated. Our expert iPhone application engineers dependably plan and create easy to use and simple to-utilize portable applications.

Blackberry App Development

Many phones have been presented in the market, yet Blackberry telephones have not lost their appeal even today. Most Blackberry telephones offer multitasking meaning you can peruse the mail and answer messages in the meantime which isn't the situation with numerous different telephones of a similar value section. It has additionally been seen that Blackberry telephones are the most secured cell phones on the planet.

Windows Application Development

In order to diversify your business and reach millions of target audience, it is the foremost priority to have more inventive Windows Apps that will, in turn, help you to reach out to the internet users. As mobile users are switching to smartphones rapidly every day, be it Apple, Android or Windows platform thus to keep pace with this advanced technology it becomes essential that fresh and creative Apps are developed to meet such users irrespective of the device they are using.

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